Answers to Questions About Custom Made Jewelry

How do I bring to life what kind of design I want?

Some clients know exactly what they want and others just want a custom piece that is unique to them. At Charleston Alexander helping you with the design and understanding your vision and requirements is our job and what we do so not to worry, we love to design and create.

What if decide to make changes to my piece during the design process?

Our artist use CAD technology to create your dream ring first as a computer image, that makes making changes during the design process easy and fast. Perfecting your dream ring or jewelry is made simple with our designers and CAD artist.

How long will my custom piece take to create?

Once the design and images are approved we will have your ring completed in two weeks

Does custom cost more then designer jewelry?

At Charleston Alexander your buying direct from the designer and manufacturer saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars

Does designer jewelry have better quality?

No…. at Charleston Alexander we use the best cut white clear diamonds and some of the worlds best artisans to set them. Our quality is typically better then most designer jewelry.

Where is my custom jewelry being made?

Your custom made ring will be made in house at Charleston Alexander in the same location we started at in 1987

Is there a minimum amount I need to spend to do a custom piece?

Not at Charleston Alexander, we have made jewelry from $400 to over $100,000, engagement rings from $500 to over $30,000 and wedding bands from $400 to over $20,000. We can create the ring of your dreams no matter what your budget, always feel free to share with us your budget and ideas of what you want in a custom ring or custom jewelry, our job is to create a custom unique piece for you and stay with in you budget requirements

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